Building a new science of brain resilience. 

The Knight Initiative for Brain Resilience envisions a world in which our brains remain fit and healthy as we age. 

We are harnessing the collective genius of science and breaking free of established dogma to extend the healthy lifespan of the human brain — building the foundations for a future in which the word “dementia” is a bygone memory. As part of its mission to stimulate bold new approaches to tackling the drivers of dementia, the Knight Initiative is bringing together experts in aging and dementia as well as new collaborators and ideas from outside the traditional neurodegeneration field through grant calls, seminars and symposia. 

Job Opportunities

Proteomics Researcher | Knight Initiative for Brain Resilience

Postdoctoral Scholar | Knight Initiative for Brain Resilience

For the postdoc research position, please send a CV and cover letter to to apply.

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