Brain Omics Central

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Brain Omics Central invites research partners to apply advanced omics technologies to understand and promote resilient brain aging.

Brain Omics Central is an initiative of the Brain Resilience Laboratory at the Knight Initiative for Brain Resilience, based at Stanford's Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute.

Our lab's technological platforms and expertise are tailored to support studies of the aging brain and the pursuit of brain resilience in the face of neurodegeneration and age-related cognitive decline.  

Through Brain Omics Central, we are now offering a wealth of opportunities for collaboration with our local and global scientific communities. We offer unparalleled support and expertise in omics-related experimental design; state-of-the-art equipment for sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, and proteomics, as well as access to a growing library of unique datasets related to the aging brain. Our commitment to continuous advancement ensures that we are always expanding our technological expertise in the dynamic field of omics research. 

Fill out our interest form below to start a conversation about collaborating with us. 

We encourage inquiries from junior faculty or established investigators who wish to delve into our transcriptomics and proteomics resources. Postdocs and PhD students are welcome to apply with their PI as the submitter.

You can also contact Brain Omics Central at with questions, project ideas, and for details on how to apply for collaborative project support.


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